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Complete Dentures for Edmonton and Surrounding Area

Get the fit, function and comfort you’ve been missing with a denture reline! In as little as two hours, you can have your existing dentures relined to better conform to your gums.

  • Soft-Liners

    Over time, the underlying bone material underneath your gums begins to shrink. This process, known as “resorption,” can cause your dentures to uncomfortably shift along the surface of the gums instead of staying in place. You may also hear a clicking sound while you speak or eat.

    Soft-liners are ideal for those with flat or nearly flat gum tissues, gums with spots of thin tissue over bony areas or those with chronically sore gums.

What about Over-the-Counter Denture Reline Kits?

In theory, “do-it-yourself” denture reline kits should work, yet in practice, these usually turn out with less-than-stellar results. The main problem with these kits is that you are adding material, without taking any way. As one of your body’s most sensitive areas, adding even a millimetre of thickness inside your mouth can cause a great deal of discomfort.

By changing your bite, you will also strain your jaw and possibly develop a disorder of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). That’s why it is often best to leave relines to professional denturists.

Denture Consultations & Exams in Edmonton

When it comes to finding the right pair of dentures for your oral health needs, it’s important to conduct a thorough exam and consultation. An exam can help the denturist at Edmonton’s Jasper Place Denture Clinic pinpoint the most effective treatment option for you. This can also help reduce the invasiveness of the treatment. After all, getting dentures is a significant change to your lifestyle. For example, you may have to have most or all of your natural teeth removed to fit the dentures. With a consultation and exam at Jasper Place Denture Clinic, we can make sure dentures are right for you.

Your First Consultation Is Free
Every person’s smile is different, and so too are their dental health needs. Where one person may need dentures another may be able to get the results they want with dental implants or a bridge. That’s why at Jasper Place Denture Clinic your first consultation with us is free. We want to make sure you’re making the right decision concerning your dental health. By offering a free consultation for dentures, Edmonton residents have no obligations. The appointment is solely for your benefit. And you can always seek out a second opinion if you so choose. Our main goal at Jasper Place Denture Clinic is to ensure your smile is healthy. If it’s determined that dentures may be your best option, you can always schedule follow-up exams with us.

How Long Does the Consultation Last?
A consultation usually lasts around 30 minutes, but can be longer or shorter depending on your dental health situation and what you would like to discuss with our denturist. During the consultation, we can assess which denture solutions might benefit you most; for example, will you need complete or partial dentures? Should you consider implant-supported dentures? Will all of your natural teeth need to be removed or only some? Are you someone who will require our mobile denture repair services in the future? These are important questions to consider, and Jasper Place Denture Clinic makes sure you have the time needed to ask the questions you want.

What to Expect from Your Visit to Jasper Place Denture Clinic
When you come in for your consultation, the denturist will ask you about your oral health history, help you visualize your smile goals, and explain the options that may work for your needs. We understand that you may be feeling nervous about your dental health future. That’s why the team at Jasper Place Denture Clinic works to make you feel as comfortable as possible in our office. We will make sure all of your questions are sufficiently answered, including breaking down information like costs and procedure lengths. Should you choose to get dentures at our Edmonton clinic, our staff can help you with the various paperwork and consent forms.

Book Your Free Consultation
If you aren’t sure if dentures are right for you, contact Jasper Place Denture Clinic to schedule your free initial consultation with our denturist.



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